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This story based math course is unlike anything you have experienced before. 

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What is Berry Real Math???

With the world in a state of chaos in 2020, Mama Fe-Fe and Baba Be were thinking about ways that they could empower today's youth with the knowledge necessary to help them flourish. Amid all of the lockdowns, mandates, and shifts to virtual school, there were many questions with not a lot of answers. Therefore, we decided to answer the call and create Berry Real Math. 

Berry Real Math is an online, self-paced, story-based and project-based course for ages 9 - 12 (Grades 6-8), that puts your children in a real-world scenario where they will learn the following:


- Self-Sustaining & Self-Empowered Lifestyles

- Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

- Real World Math Application

Basics of Math in Owning a Business with Employees 

- Business Planning

- Starting a Business

- Basics of Math in Planting & Growing Food

- Basics of Math in Home Improvement

Financial Management (Budgeting) 

- Financial Literacy

Graphs (line graphs)


- Geometry & Algebra 

Decimals & Fractions 

- Adding & Subtracting Integers 


Your child learns all of this information through the process of having three different families who encounter three life changing crisis that become the catalyst to position themselves in a more self-empowering position They all have to use Real Math Application to solve their Real Problems. During this course scholars learn how to plan the size of their farm, start a business, budget and more. Your child will learn to have a deeper understanding of needs and wants, find ways to create income to be financially free, learn to prioritize and use math as a guide. We hope that with this multidimensional approach to math even children that usually are the least engaged and excited when it comes to math, are confident and enthusiastic after taking this course.

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